Private Utility Locating Service

Dynamic Directional Boring offers private utility locating services, which is the process of locating and labeling utility lines underground.

Private vs. Public Utility Locating Service

Legally, you are required to call 811 to have them mark their pipes, cables and lines near your work site prior to digging. However, their only responsibility is to locate public utilities, not private utilities. Public utilities include anything between the street and the meter. Private utilities include anything between the building and the meter. This is why you should consider hiring a private locating company for a more thorough underground examination.

Dynamic Directional Boring has the technology and expertise to locate any utilities and structures underground. This includes water service lines, secondary electric, gas lines, sewer lines, communication lines and more.

Safety First

Striking an underground utility during construction can be dangerous to on-site workers. Being able to locate these utilities allows us to keep our workers safe, which is our number one priority. It also keeps us on track with our project deadlines and budget.

With an overwhelming amount of utilities buried throughout the United States, it’s easy to encounter one of these underground hazards when preparing for subsurface penetration. It’s best to avoid taking chances and call someone who is properly trained on locating utilities.

Utility Locating with Dynamic Directional Boring

At Dynamic Directional Boring, we strive to provide exceptional service with shorter project completion times and affordable rates.

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