Directional Drilling in Orlando, Florida

Also known as Horizontal Directional Drilling

Directional boring Orlando– also known as horizontal directional drilling (HDD) – is an easy and efficient way to install pipes, cables, and underground conduits.

The process is simple:

  • 1.

    First, a drill is used to create a pilot hole on a designated path. The drill path can be modified as needed by the rig operator, who keeps a careful eye on the drilling arc as to avoid other infrastructure that’s already present underground.

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    Next, a back reamer is used to enlarge the initial hole created in the horizontal directional drilling process. This large cutting tool widens the hole large enough to fit whatever product or casing pipe is being placed.

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    Finally, the product or casing pipe is placed within the enlarged hole.

Directional Boring Orlando, Florida

Directional boring offers the lowest possible impact on the surrounding vicinity for placing underground products. Directional boring also offers a decreased disturbance on the environment and is suitable for a wide range of soil conditions and projects, including roads, landscapes, and river crossings. This is a signature benefit of directional boring and horizontal directional drilling, as this allows for pipes, cables, or conduits to be placed in otherwise tricky or hard-to-reach areas.

What are some other benefits to directional boring or horizontal directional drilling?

• Deeper installation

• Directional and curved capabilities

• Less traffic disruption

• Longer installation distances

• Lower cost

• Safer for the environment

• Shorter project completion times

Are you looking for directional boring or directional drilling in Orlando, FL? No matter the case, directional boring offers a hassle-free approach to underground pipe, cable, or conduit installation. With its low cost and minimal environmental impact, directional boring is highly preferred over trenching or open-cut installations – which can be time, labor, and resource-intensive.

Consider directional boring or horizontal directional drilling for your next installation project to minimize the amount of surface damage at the project location, as well as interruption to both the public and your company.

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