Directional boring – also known as horizontal directional drilling – has a wide variety of uses in both commercial and residential projects. If you’re installing any type of pipe, cable, or underground conduit, then directional boring is the hassle-free way to go.

Addressing Drainage Issues

Proper drainage is key to maintaining a healthy landscape at your property or construction site. When drainage issues arise, you put all of your hard work at risk of flooding and/or erosion.

Directional boring can help alleviate drainage issues by circumventing the problem area and providing a path for water to escape without causing undue damage to your property.


Irrigation is one of the most important factors for proper landscape maintenance, and directional boring makes the installation of such systems painfree. In normally hard-to-reach areas, directional boring paves new paths underground that preserve your landscape while minimizing the amount of hand digging required to install a full-fledged irrigation system.

Transferring Electric Service From Overhead to Underground

Overhead power lines are more than just an eye sore. In Florida, thunderstorms and high winds make these unsightly behemoths a danger to anyone that lives nearby.

Directional boring allows for electrical cables to be rerouted underground through a process called undergrounding.

Power Gate Installations

Installing a power gate at your home or property shouldn’t be a pain. With directional boring, you can easily bypass your driveway, walkway, or concrete slab to install underground cables with only the slightest bit of effort required.

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